Where should I start from. Hmmm Ok lets start with the journey. We a group of my 8 close friends decided to head to Raigad and then to my native place Kelshi. We had hired my brother in law's Qualis for travelling. We started our journey from Thane at sharp 12.15 am on 24th December, 2009 (25th Dec, early morning to be precise). Then we headed straight way towards Raigad and reached there at around 5.45 am early morning. It was pitch dark in there when we reached. It was a gr8 experience in that chilly morning (everyone getting a bit cosy and making themselves warm).

We started our trek towards the Raigad fort at around 6 am (was still dark). It was a very tiring but a memorable experience for all of us. While trekking ahead we could see the mountains and the beautiful scenic beauty as we walked by. Our rule for achieving the "TARGET RAIGAD MISSION" was stop n walk i.e We took small intervals in between as it was too tiring for all of us (Just couldn't imagine how our Veer Mawlas must had trekked this huge fort day in and out). There was a gr8 feeling of satisfaction while trekking on this beautiful and the most historical monument. Finally after 2 hrs and 45 mins we reached our target. The view from top was truly amazing and we just could not control ourselves from clicking as many snaps as we could.

It was a gr8 achievement for all of us and we felt proud that yes we achieved our target (though took a long long time to get up to the top). We could hear a lot of chant like "Shivaji MAharajancha Vijay aso" and "Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki JAI". We hold the Bhagwa Zenda in our hands and felt proud that we were born in a state where we had a KING like Shivaji Maharaj. It's an honour to be born and brought up in a state of such a dashing and a fearless leader. This trip will be one of the most memorable trip of all times. Thanks to all who came and contributed to make this journey a successful one....
Kelshi Further north from Anjarle, near the border of Raigad district. This village is frequented by pilgrims who come to the Mahalaxmi Temple here, built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. Other than the Mahalaxmi Temple, there are other temples here dedicated to Rasha Krishna, Beleshwar and Ganesha, to name a few. Just outside of the village is a lovely beach, which stretches for 2.5 kms and the sunset is said to be spectacular from this beach. Also lots of interesting places around kelshi like:

  • Asud Ancient Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar temples in the midst of scenic hills.

  •  Karde Has a pristine beach and few resorts.

  • Harnai Beach South of old Harnai fort, the palm-fringed beach of Murud is famous for its clean white sands and crystal clear safe waters. Visit the Goa Killa or Harnai fort which is built in different levels. Don't miss the fish auction in the evenings.

  • Suvarnadurg Suvarnadurg the island fortress off the coast of Harnai was a fort built by Shivaji to counter the Siddi. Ths fort was later used by Shivaji to counter the Europeans and was a base for the Maratha navy's ship building facility. The town of Harishareshwar, known for its tranquil and picturesque beach is also landmarked by the Kalbhairav Shiva Temple. If you are adventurous enough take a small boat to the North side of the bay, you can see where the Peshwas or Prime Ministers of the Maratha Kingdom originally resided. Also see the Peshwa Smarak and visit the Bankot Fort at Bagmandala, approximately 4 kilometers away.

  • Anjarle Few kilometres away from Dapoli is the beach of Anjarle. Ganapati of Hill (Kadyawarcha) In Aanjarle village on the seashore the temple built on huge mountain is known as 'Ganapati of Kadyawar'. After crossing the Jog river creek, there is Aanjarle village. In earlier times there were two temples in the sea, one Temple of Aanjarleshwar & other of Ganapati. They got drowned in the sea, later on Ganapati temple was built on a high mountain. The temple must be of Madhavrao Peshve period. There are 250 steps to it. There is a lake in front of it. It has a big hall & a stone staircase. There is water fountain in the hall, There is a dome, are & many pillars in the temple. The place is cool & pleasant in Dapoli Taluka with seashore & forest. Hence, tourist are attracted at this place.

  • Ladghar The beach here called Tamas Teertha is has religious background and many people come here to bathe in the sea water. The sunset here is unforgettable.

  • Panhalekaji Ancient, rock cut caves believed to be more than a thousand years old are a treat to architecture lovers. Hindu and Buddhist sculptures cover the walls. There are around 29 caves here which are are located on the banks of the “Kotjai” river.

  • Unhavare Situated amidst a picturesque valley, you can bathe in these natural hot springs. The water has medicinal value and can cure some skin diseases.

  • Ade Visit the ancient temple of Shree Parshuram. You can also take a stroll on the clean and calm beach.

  • Murud Dhondo Keshav karve who started the movement for the women came from this village. There is an ancient temple of Goddess Durgadevi which is on a wooden pillar. There are 28 carved wooden pillars in it. In front of the temple there is 'Appasaheb Smarak'. Also, these is a statue of Maharshi Karve. The Ganapati in lake is also a peculiar feature of Murud. During the summer, when there is less water in the lake, the devotees can visit the Ganapati idol. Accommodation facilities are available in the hotels.

  • Jakai Devi Temple, Panderi ( Gharvewadi), Umberghar, Dapoli (27 kilometres away from Dapoli & 5 Kilometres from Dabhol Beach). Ancient Jakai Devi Temple famous in Dabhol Panchkrochi. From Dapoli Umberghar,Panderi S.T. facility is available.

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A trip to Kelshi - Dapoli will give you pleasure of staying at a hill station and still being close to the sea.

A trip to Kelshi is a perfect Getaway to a Rustic Konkan and its serenity. If you want to taste the real village life in konkan, Kelshi is the ideal getaway. The village is very small and there is only one hotel Gulmohar in kelshi and you can also stay at places where people offer lodging facilities in their homes.

There are a lot of places nearby like Suvarnadurga fort and a very beautiful beach at karde.

Located at 17 kms. from Dapoli at Harne, The Suvarnadurg fort consists of two forts, kanakdurga the land fort and Suvarnadurga the sea fort. Earlier there was a tunnel connecting both the forts but now only way to go to Suvarnadurga is through a boat. However currently there is no regular boat service to the fort and one has to arrange for the ferry from the local fishermen.

Dapoli is considered a Hill Station and the climate is pleasant.
The Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth at Dapoli is also worth your visit, Nature lovers will surely like it. There are a lot of good Hotels in Dapoli and Murud. You can also visit the nearby Panhalekaji caves.

Places around Kelshi

Places around Kelshi, Dapoli - Ratnagiri
  • The history of Kelshi village from approx 1300 B.C is recorded and available.

  • Originally called Kardaligram which later changed to Kardali to Kaelshi to Kelshi. In the sacred books of the Mahalakshmi temple the village is still referred to as Kardaligram.

    Mahalaxmi Temple - Kelshi, DapoliMahalaxmi Temple

  • The village seen today was earlier laid in three sections. The village moat received water from the sea.

  • By the year 1600 the population of the village started increasing, as the village was the chief seaport. Business minded Gujar community people settled on the banks of the port. This area is still referred to as Gujarwada.

  • Shivaji Maharaj visited the great seer Yakub baba in year 1661 and 1676 and sought his blessings.

Yakub Baba Dargah - kelshi, Dapoli
Yakub Baba Dargah
  • He awarded land measuring 653 acres for construction of Yakub baba Dargah. In the citation letter there is a special mention as Hajrat Baba Bahut Thor Wali, loosely translated as Hajrat Baba the Great One.

  • In year 1681 Yakub baba left for heavenly abode.

  • The work on the Dargah of Yakub baba was started by Shivaji Maharaj and later continued by Sambhaji Raje but somehow it was never completed. Later Bajirao-I tried to take the work to its fruition.

  • Walucha Dongar, Gujarwada - Kelshi, DapoliWalucha Dongar
  • Natuarlly formed Sand Dune called as Walucha Dongar in Marathi is at the northern part of Kelshi. As per the historical records and evendences the said Sand Dune is actually a result of Tsunami hit which was formed around the time of Vasco da Gama's visit to India somewhere in 15th century.

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Kelshi is a beautiful village on the Western Coast of India. Although it is only 240 km from Mumbai.

Kelshi is famous for at least two historic monuments, the Dargah of Yaqub Sarvari (who was the 11th spiritual leader of Shivaji) and Laxmi Mandir. Thus Kelshi is an evidence of Shivajai's tolerance for Muslims and that he was at war with Moghals and not Muslims as some people believe now.

Additionally, on the shore of Kelshi (Mandiltar) many pre-historic objects (coins, pottery etc.) have been found. The inscriptions on these odd shape coins indicate that it must have been a stopover (not a full-fledge port) over 2000 years for pre-Islamic Arab sailors passing through India for trading with China on behalf of the Roman empire. No excavation has been done here yet.

Recently mining for bauxite has been going on in Kelshi that is threatening the ecology and environment of the village.